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Yaisuri Salamanca

Yaisury Salamanca is a dancer which technique captures two dances that characterize latin music: TANGO and SALSA. She went from world champion in salsa in 2004 to third place in the Argentinian tango world championship at Buenos Aires in 2008. She has training in classical ballet, salsa and traditional folk dances of Colombia.

Those styles enrich her tango training, and performing repertory. Yaisuri, a Colombian dancer, has been a Principal Dancer for the Musical MIdnight Tango in the West End in London (2012-2013), and Tango Vivo and SondeLuz dance companies. She performed in the Argentina Tango championships in both 2007 and 2008, reaching the five top places in both occasions.

Among her accomplishments, she was awarded with the first place at the Official National World Tango Championships in Colombia in 2007, and an official distinction for National and International Achievements by the Medellin City Council in Colombia in 2009. Yaisuri is passionate about teaching, and she is currently a staff dancer for Argentine Tango and Salsa at Stepping Out Studios in New York. She has also been an instructor in Argentine Tango, Salsa and Latin rhythms at Sandra Cameron Dance Center in New York (2010-2011), PasionDanza Dance School (2009) and Tango Vivo Dance School (2005-2008) in Colombia as well as being a dance workshop instructor at Harvard University and MIT (2010), Tango Society of Boston (2010), Argentina (2008) and Chile (2007).

Recently, she is back from a United Kingdom tour with the Midnight Tango Company since 2011. While she travels around the world for teaching and performing, she is based in New York where she owns her own line of Tango Shoes and partner up with John Hernan Raigoza.