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Shimkiri Figar

Shimkiri was an inspired dancer at the age of 3! As a child, she took ballet, tap and gymnastics. While in college, she continued her inspiration for dancing with ballroom and latin dancing. As she finished college and continued her profession at the time as an engineer, she continued pursing Latin dancing through competing, where she won the title of Edison Ballroom Champion, and training with many world renown coaches, including Graham Oswick, Vibeke Toft, Espen Salberg, Donny Burns, Sammy Stopford and Shirley Ballas. When she met her husband, Werner Figar, 3-Time Austrian Champion, they decided that to dance and compete together was a dream that was too good to miss! They have been training and competing together ever since. Whether you are a beginner, a competitive Latin dancer, a social dancer, or about to get married, Shimkiri is excited to share her knowledge and love of dance with you!  You can find out more at