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Sarah La Rocca

SARAH LAROCCA Tango dancer, comes from a long and eclectic dance and theatre background. An interest in improvisation led her to discover Argentine Tango in 1995. So enchanted by Tango was she, that she quit her job, sold all her stuff, gave up her apartment and moved to Buenos Aires. Little did she know that tango was not just another dance, but an addictive lifestyle and sub-culture. She has studied several styles of Tango with many of the most important teachers and dancers, including Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Julio Balmaceda, and Corina de la Rosa. Sarah's feet have clocked thousands of miles gracing dance floors all over the world. Despite her many performance credits, improvisation and dancing socially remain her primary love and focus. Towards that end, Sarah produces and hosts the famous All Night Milonga, NYC's most popular Tango event.