Space Rental Policies


• Rental times must include setup and breakdown. You may not access the studio before your rental time, and must vacate the studio immediately at the end of your rental period.
• At the end of your rental, the studio must be returned to its original condition. An extra fee of $50 will be charged if the room is not returned as it was. Each space is subject to additional fees according to the terms of the contract.

Availability and Reservations

• Prepayment is necessary to guarantee a reservation. All rentals must be paid prior to usage. 
• We require 50% deposit to secure the space for you. Remaining balance needs to be paid 50% before the event.
• All standing reservations weekly reoccurring classes and alike must be prepaid one month in advance.
• We reserve the right you to move your class/event to same size studio.
• Events cancelation must be made not later than 7 days before it occurrence. 
• All classes/single rooms rentals cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to your reservation.
• We respect life emergencies situations - so please talk to us.
• Please consider that you need to include your set up and break down time in your rental. No extra time is given neither before or after your scheduled rental. We will automatically charge your for each half hour beyond your rental time. For example: if you rented until 5 pm and you stay until 5:10pm - half an hour charge will be added charged to your CC
• If you are having an open call or are seeing more than five people at a time you must provide a monitor and another studio must be rented as a waiting room.

Freight Elevator

• For moving any large objects

• Available Mon - Fri: 8am- Noon, 1pm-5pm

                    Sat: 8am- Noon

                    Sun: Closed

Usage Restrictions

• Please be respectful of other renters as well as dancers in the Grand Ballroom. If you have rented a side studio, please be sure all traffic to your studio is directed around the edges of the Grand Ballroom.
• Nothing may be stored in any of the side studios, the Grand Ballroom, the area around the freight elevators, or in any closets without prior arrangement with management. Storage is extremely limited. Management does not bear any responsibility for any items left behind, including those stored by permission.
• The volume of noise created by your rental must be kept at an acceptable level.
• No rosin, powder, or water is permitted on studio floors. No food or drinks in the studios or the Grand Ballroom unless by prior arrangement with management. Please stay in the studio assigned to you. If you move to or use another room for any purpose, additional rental fees will apply.

• No signs, posters, and flyers are allowed in the building lobby, doors, and the inside of the elevators.

• No garbage allowed in the lobby and suites. Simply leave them on our floor in the back by the freight elevator.