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Phoenix Lin Song

Phoenix is classically trained in Ballet and has a Master's degree in Theatre Education from New York University. Having only started ballroom dancing in college, she has achieved remarkable success in Professional Latin, being a finalist in both professional open and rising star categories.

Phoenix strongly believes that no matter how old you are, what experiences or lack of you have, as long as there is a desire inside of you to dance, you can make it happen! She loves to share her knowledge with other people and is passionate about making their dancing dreams come true. She is committed to help each student to become technically skillful without struggles, bring music into their body and release their inner dancers.

Phoenix is also a certified Gyrotonics instructor. It is a movement system that combines dance, yoga and tai-chi. She credits it for helping her heal old chronic injuries and becoming a healthier dancer than ever before. Gyrotonics is an excellent complementary training as it helps dancers become more aware and knowledgable of the internal working of the body and thereby enable them to accelerate improvement on the dance floor.