LUKAS CHOCKUBA, Blackpool Professional Rising Start Finalist (2008), came to US from Poland. He considers ballroom dancing his true love and only destiny. Arriving to US as completely unknown dancer he built his way up toward the top 20 couples. Having ballroom dancing embedded into his life Lukas enjoys sharing his continuously growing knowledge with his students. Still competing and in full time training he can update his students with novelties, techniques, discoveries and approaches to the dance form most current in today Ballroom Dancing. Lukas is Blackpool Professional Rising Start Finalist(2008), reached top 10 in 2007, and top 13 in 2009. In Professional Rising Star division Lukas placed 1st in: Manhattan Dancesport 2006, Millenium Dancesport 2006, The Yankee Classic 2006, Maryland Dancesport Championships 2006, American Star Ball 2006, Professional Rising Stars, American Star Ball 2006, Atlanta Open 2006, Professional Rising Stars Atlanta Open 2006, Emerald Ball 2006 USA - Los Angeles (CA), Philadelphia Dance Festival 2006 and many more. Since 2008 Lukas also participated in numerous Professional dance division competitions around the country and won prestigious awards, including 1st places in: New Jersey State Open 2008, The Yankee Classic 2008 USA - Boston (MA) World Masters Professional Standard, Maryland Dancesport Championships Professional Open Standard 2008, 2nd places in The International Championships England - Brentwood/London, Tri-State Challenge 2008, Eastern US Dancesport 2008, just to name a few. Lucas Chockuba and his new partner Erica Sazinas started dancing together in 2011 (April) as Professionals. They are currently registered as a couple in USA dancing in Professional. Their first competition that is recorded was in USA - Boston (MA) on 2011 (June). So far their best mark is getting into 6 in the Professional Ballroom (Emerald Ball 2012 in USA - Los Angeles (CA) on Thursday, 03 May 2012). Lukas and Erica travel all over the world for both competition and training. Between others they coach with: Kathusa Demiodova and Arunas Bisokas, Michael and Vicky Barr, Richard and Ann Gleave, Janet Gleave, Augusto Schiavo, Marcis and Karen Hilton just to mention the few. Both Lukas and his partner Erica Sazinas, are open for Private Lessons, Pro-Am Competitions, Performances and Showcases.