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Helen Wang

Helen Wang is a professional argentine tango performer and instructor. Since discovering Argentine Tango, she has been passionate and dedicated herself completely to tango. She graduated from the Ivy League, Cornell University, with a degree in the arts and design, she has an intellectual approach to Tango, which helped her to understand and teach the technical parts of the dance proficiently. Helen’s teaching brings together the music, passion, elegance, natural embrace, freedom of movement and expression of the dance. Together with her dance partner, Jose, their breaking down every tango movement to the roots has been praised by many tango dancers and learners. She and her dancer partner are a tango couple who address the dance from an intimate relationship with the tango essence. They are a couple with such unique backgrounds and personailties that always brings surprises to the audience. They have performed in famous shows such as “Rhythm and Passion”, Dance Fever, among others. In 2013, they won top awards of USA Tango Championship NYC “Stage” Tango. They were invited to perform and teach at the most prestigious milonga, La National, in New York City as well as other renowned milongas in New Jersey (Milonga Viviana), Long Island (Tango Lover), to name a few.

Helen currently offers group and private tango lessons.