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Frank Perez

FRANK PEREZ. Born in Havana Cuba, Frank started dancing at a very young age learning Cuban folklore and afro Cuban dance as well as salsa,hustle,merengue to name a few.Competeing in many different types of sports and having developed a distinct passion for partner dancing,Frank walked into a ballroom studio and the rest you could say is history .Today Frank is a professional ballroom dancer and a professional certified personal trainer he has won numerous titles in different dance styles with different partners .Always keeping his standards of commitment to excellence at the forefront of everything he does.He is perhaps best known as The 2005 U.S. Empire States Theatrical Champion and the 2008 to 2011 Representative at the US And World Theatrical and Cabaret Championships. Frank and his current dance partner Amanda Treadway who he met at Stepping out have forged a strong winning partnership placing them within the top ranks of there respected dance sport divsions.You will find Frank teaching and coaching at Stepping Out Studios. Frank states,The mark of greatness is simply I will not give up,I will not waver,I will eradicate negative thought from my mind and soul,I will conquer,My Spirit is resilient,I am a Warrior.


AMERICAN STYLE Social Style Specialty Style Wedding Dances

Ballroom: Rhythm: 1- Salsa on 1 or 2 club and performing style all levels 1-Cabaret Style all levels Choreography for
1-Waltz all levels 1-Mambo all levels 2- Hustle New York Style and performing style all levels 2-Theatrical Style all levels any type of wedding
2-Tango all levels 2-Bolero all levels 3- Argentine Tango all levels 3-Showdance Style all levels dance or song.
3-Foxtrot all levels 3-Cha Cha all levels 4- Bachata all levels 4-Coaching for all pro dance
4-V-Waltz all levels 4-Rumba all levels 5- Merengue all levels Teams.
5-Swing all levels