Since 2012 Asta has lived in NY and represented USA with her partner Andrei Kazlouski. They have become one of the countries leading professional latin couples, making semi final in the open professional category at UK Open, Blackpool, International and World Championships. They have also become Ohio Star Ball Champions and USA National Professional Latin Champions in 2017- one of the most prestigious titles in the dancing world!

Asta has spent years traveling around the world competing, demonstrating, teaching as well as educating herself with some of the most successful instructors of Latin American dancing like Shirley Ballas, Richard Porter, Barbara McColl, Sammy Stopford, Tone Nyhagen, Ruud Vermeij, Lorraine, Alan&Hazel Fletcher and Allan Tornsberg.

Asta has worked as teacher from a young age, working mostly with couples and individuals in the competitive scene and is now available for private lessons and an advanced latin group class on Thursdays 8.30-9.30 at Stepping Out Studios.